After experiencing a series of spiritual awakenings at an early age,She toured the Indian subcontinent extensively and ceaselessly meeting Spiritual Gurus, renowed Psychiatrists, Intellectuals, Isolated Yogis and acquired first-hand knowledge of country’s great spiritual heritage for deeper understanding of Body, mind and matter.

A seasoned practitioner and one of the top rated parapsychologist who has garnered over 7 years of experience in the field of psychology, philosophy, and higher yoga. Currently she is based in Gurgaon super heading KARMA, A Holistic health organization of other highly qualified doctors, physical therapist and mental trainers. Her scientific knowledge of Gross body and mind at this age is appreciated by many scholars, higher minds and spiritual guides of contemporary age.


  • TTC, Bihar School of Yoga
  • Regression Therapy
  • Saundarya Lehiri
  • Sudarshan Kriya, Art of Living Bangalore
  • Vipassana, Mcleodganj
  • Summer Yoga Workshop, Sivananda Trivandrum


  • BPT, SMC Ghaziabad
  • Acupressure, Attar Singh, Chandigarh
  • Post-Graduation Diploma in Yogic Science, MDNIY Delhi
  • Degree in Naturopathy,Delhi

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Yoga is not an acrobatics, it is the science of mind but due to limited perception and lack of knowledge it has been bound till asanas only. Most of the yoga experts speaks that it is not a circus, rather a divine art of life, a godly thing but ends up teaching it in an acrobatic manner.

In todays world stress,confusion, restlessness, lack of concentration,irritation,boredom are so very common because of the scattered mind,instead of solving these issues we avoid them either by running away from them or by changing the atmosphere itself by indulging ourselves into different modes of entertainment

But this is not the permanent solution.

As happiness is an internal job, it depends on the state of mind. Happier is the mind more focused you are with better perception towards life, at the same time your intellect (the highest faculty of mind) works efficiently.
Counselling transforms one thought wave of the mind, meditation transforms the whole mind.

Intellectually i can explain you ‘n’ number of benefits of meditation but nothing can take over an experience as we all have different levels of mind and consciousness.



Transform your mind, Transform your life

Karma aims at strengthening the mind by purifying and stabilising it through authentic asanas, kriya and can never stay healthy with an unhealthy mind also physical therapy, naturopathy, acupressure is being provided for physical ailments as mind and body are synchronised...

Karma is a bridge in between the materialistic and spiritual world to live a happy and healthy life. It develops a connection between your consciousness and your mind.It ensures you your smile- as when you smile from your heart that is the best feeling that takes away all your sorrows and worries. And sorrows belongs to one who knows no alternate out.

   Strengthen your mind, Open your Heart, Smile to Chase the winter of others life !!